If you are not using either the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox, we highly recommend you do so.

If you are using a supported browser and are still having trouble try the following:

  • Please ensure Javascript is enabled. Usually this is enabled by default so you would have had to manually turn it off or installed a plugin such as NoScript that would disable it.
  • Clear your cache and restart the browser, we may have just done an update (usually we will post on twitter or the blog and there is a status update at the top of the site).

If you are using a supported browser and you've done the above and the timer still does not start, please submit a ticket to support.

If you are NOT using a supported browser and the above doesn't help, you can still submit a ticket to support and we will try our best to make it work on that unsupported browser or add that browser to our supported list. Note that we may ask you for help in debugging if we do not have access to the same device/browser.